Prefabricated Extensions

Far from being the flimsy, cheap alternative that people often think about, prefabricated extensions could be the answer to your house extension prayers. They offer various different solutions to traditional house extensions which we’ve detailed below.

Why Choose a Prefabricated Extension?

Prefab extensions offer many benefits over standard extensions, including:

Architects Fees: you can lose architects fees by buying a pre-designed extension for your house. By selecting from a catalogue’ of designs yourself you can choose the style and layout you would prefer.

Planning Consent: You are more likely to get planning consent for a prefabricated extension, and with new permitted development rights in place a 3m extension at the back of your property may not need permission at all (always check though).

Build Time: How about weeks to build your extension instead of months? Buying a prefab extension in flat-pack kit form means your extension can be delivered and assembled in a fraction of the time a regular build would take.

Eco-Credentials: These kit extensions are made of the highest energy-efficient materials, are pre-insulated and the glazing is of the most efficient standard.

Access: Prefab extensions can be made using panels that are light and strong enough to be carried through a house. This eliminates any access issues terraced houses can present for instance.

What Rooms Can a Prefabricated Extension Create?

Essentially you can create exactly the same types of rooms a traditional extension can make. Perhaps you would like a utility room, to extend your kitchen or dining room or to create an office space. Advances in technology mean you can now create house extensions that are strong and practical for any type of application. The prefabricated extensions can even be clad in matching brick, wood or stone cladding so they seamlessly blend in with your existing house.

How Much Does a Prefabricated Extension Cost?

Installing a prefab extension can often be cheaper than a standard extension. Not only do you get the convenience of the reduced build time, but you don’t have each of the different services tripping over each other during the build. Typically a 3m x 3m extension may cost around £18k whereas a glass extension may cost upwards of £20k+.

The easiest way to compare and reduce the costs of getting an extension built is to fill in our extension quote form and let the experts advise you on the best (and cheapest) solution for you. Remember our quotes are obligation-free so you never have to commit to a price.

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